We Draw

and create your unique & real trading card!

We Draw

and create your unique & real trading card!


Your Poke Card

Perfect for every trainer! Turn either yourself, your darling or even your houseplant into a real trading card!

Your Yugi Card

Who needs the „Heart of the Cards“ when your dog or cat with 12 stars can destroy everything? Create your own card now!

How it works

1. Upload your pictures

Our artists use the uploaded images as the basis for your drawing

2. We create your drawing

One of our artists will now create your drawing by hand and then send you a digital preview

3. Look forward to your card

After you confirm the digital preview of your card, we will create your real card and ship it to you

Get to know our team​

Our team has over 15 years of combined experience in trading cards and artworks. With
this experience you can be sure that we can create your perfect trading card!

Emre Y.

Head of Administration Team

Emre has been making personalized trading cards for years and has put the team together so you can
have your own unique trading card too.

Julia D.

Head of Artist Team

Julia is the head of our artist team. Together with our other artists, Julia creates your drawing by
hand and designs it perfectly according to your wishes.

Mahadi H.

Head of Support Team

You still have questions or need some help? Then Mahadi is your man, because he and his team will
be happy to answer any of your questions.

Steven J. & Rocky

Head of Production & Mascot

Our cute mascot (Rocky) and his owner (Steven) ensure that your trading cards are made flawlessly
(and signed by Rockys paws if requested).

Well-known fans of our cards

427.000 Followers on Youtube

AJ Correia

AJ Correia is a true trading card fan and has a total of 1.1 million followers on his social media platforms. It was an honor for us to create cards for him and many of his followers.

1.9M Followers on TikTok

Buff Weeb

Buff Weeb wanted a very special card of himself. Of course we couldn't refuse his wish and drew him in his favorite outfit!

Over 30 trading card loving employees

Gate to the Games

Gate to the Games is one of the largest trading card online shops in Europe and our partner. We are proud to have such a special partner who helps us create trading cards for you!

What are we doing?

Just like us, many of our customers collect trading cards or did so in their childhood. Be it Pokémon cards, Yugioh cards, Magic The Gathering cards or any other TCG. You collected them and so did we!

But why should it stop at collecting? Wouldn’t it be great if you could immortalize yourself or your loved ones on a real card? We thought so too and then put together a great team that will immortalize you as a trading card.

We personalize your unique trading card by creating a hand-drawn artwork and adding it with your desired text and symbols to the trading card. Alternatively, you can simply upload an image that we should use for your card.

We are one of the few providers of personalized trading cards in the world where you can get your card in different sizes and even with a holographic effect. So trust us when we and many other customers tell you that a personalized trading card is the perfect gift for your loved one or even for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Before we ship your cards out, we’ll send you a digital preview of your drawing. You can confirm this preview or request a change to your drawing. You can request the first change of your card from us completely free of charge..

After you have approved the trading cards, the delivery time in Germany is 2-3 days.
The delivery times for all other countries can be found here: LINK

Please note that special circumstances, such as changes to drawings or other reasons, can lengthen or shorten the processing and delivery times.

All drawings are hand-drawn by our artists and are usually completed within seven working days. After completion, we will send you the digital preview of your drawing so that you can confirm it or let us know if you want any changes.

The better the quality of your pictures, the better we can draw you.
To make our work easier, you are welcome to upload several pictures of one person.

Yes, you can track your order here:  Track Order

Our artists always try to give their best, but of course it can happen that you don’t like our drawing.

But don’t worry, we are offering you a free revision that you can use to ask us to change your drawing.

Of course, we also have solutions for afterwards to create your perfect trading card!

However, there is no general right of return, as we cannot simply resell a product specially made for you.

We like to draw all kinds of characters for you. Be it an animal, a giant robot or even your favorite anime character, our artists can do it all!

Of course, we can also combine several characters in one drawing. That means you can upload pictures of different characters and we will draw them together. So nothing stands in the way of immortalizing you or your friend with a fire-breathing dragon on a real trading card!

Of course, we don’t want your cards to be damaged during shipping. So we ship all of our
standard cards with card sleeves and/or toploaders.

Our standard sized poke cards are 8.8 x 6.3 cm and jumbo sized poke cards are 24 x 17 cm.
Our standard sized yugi cards are 8.6 x 5.9 cm and jumbo sized yugi cards are 23 x 16 cm.

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