About Us

Orica means "Original Cards"

We provide you with the edge over all your other friends by providing you with the most unique trading card collection your friends would ever have seen.

All of our trading cards are handmade and are the same size as the trading original cards. We put extra effort into each trading card we produce and qualities of the utmost levels are always our top priority.


Live in the Moment!

If you’ve just discovered the Pokemon series, or binge-watched Yugioh, it is never too late to start collecting your favorite cards. We present orica custom made anime cards for pros and novices alike. 

Whether you see yourself as the Magician of Black Chaos, the Dark Magician Girl or the adorable and cuddly Pikachu, we make sure each of your cards are orica and unique enough to match your personality.


What Makes us Unique ?

Nothing could be more annoying than discovering that you and your friend have almost the same collection. Moreover, nothing beats the pride that comes with owning an original anime card. We ensure that each of the products delivered to you are original and out-of-the box. Our customized designs, sketches and contrasts guarantee unique combinations like no other.


We Value art

To all the Picassos out there, you've come to the right place. Apart from selling custom made Pokemon cards and custom made Yugioh cards, we give artists the platform they deserve. You give us your artwork, and we turn them into cards. The cherry on the cake? We also share with you a part of the revenue earned from your artworks.


Live Young, Live Free

What’s trending, what’s good and what you need, we know it all! Want the recent Pokemon Sword and Shield collection? We've done the research and picked the best for you. Just choose, add it to your cart and you'll have it delivered in no time.


Become the star of the group and flaunt your collection with panache!